The Most Famous Painting of Jesus – the Last Supper

The most famous painting of Jesus is the Last Supper. This work was painted during the life of Jesus. In Leonardo's Last Supper, the apostles are shown sitting with the disciples. Judas Iscariot reaches for the plate beside Christ, while Peter holds a knife in his right hand. The Apostles also look at the table in disbelief, and this is one of the key elements in the story of Jesus' betrayal. The Apostles are the primary witnesses of Jesus' death and His life, and his death and resurrection are intimately tied to his words.

Leonardo used perspective to balance the composition. His vanishing point is behind Christ's right temple, and he positioned all the figures behind it. His vanishing point is a central point of view that was in his brain. The vanishing point marks the ends of the table and the floor. He also marked the orthogonal edges of six ceiling coffer columns. The twelve rows of chairs are arranged horizontally, allowing the viewer to see the heavenly elements.

In the last Supper, Christ is framed by a doorway, which provides a contrast and draws the eye to him. His disciples are placed around him, in threes, facing each other. Despite this, the three disciples are still in a triangle shape. The figures to the left of him are his followers. The right-hand figure is the apostle John. The other figure is a female. The lines of perspective of the head make the image blend in with the walls and ceiling of the room.

The Last Supper is a controversial painting that depicts the disciples' final meal with Jesus. This painting is considered one of the most famous painting of Christ in the world. Although some consider it sacrilegious, it is still one of the most recognizable images of Christ today. The other two paintings are more popular, but the Last Supper painting is by far the most popular. Its popularity comes from the fact that it was a masterpiece of self-taught art.

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