Number 17A by Jackson Pollock

One of the most famous paintings of all time is Number 17A by Jackson Pollock. Despite the fact that Number 17A is a classic piece of art, its popularity has only recently begun to increase. In its first major exhibition, the work was featured in Life Magazine, which catapulted Pollock to international fame.

When was Number 17A painted?

The original No 17A by Jackson Pollock was completed in 1948. It was a drip painting, which means it was created with oil paints on a fiberboard canvas.

How much did 17A sell for?

Although Pollock’s drip paintings are very popular, their value in the art market is very low. When it was first released in the Betty Parsons Gallery, it was purchased for $4,000 by an American collector named Edgar Kaufmann Jr. In early 2016, it was bought by hedge fund billionaire Kenneth Griffin for $200 million. The artwork’s price was a major determinant in its price-making history. This is a major sale in the history of art. With the rising prices of art, collecting a beautiful painting is no longer a luxury. Moreover, the number 17A is considered an investment opportunity and is a great way to invest in art. It is now the 5th most expensive painting in the world.

Where is 17A Jackson Pollock?

The painting is currently on display in Griffen’s private home.

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