10 Most Famous René Magritte Paintings

Having been a painter for many years, Ren Magritte is known for a lot of great work. He is a master of his craft and is considered to be one of the most famous painters of all time. His paintings have a unique style and are very much loved by art lovers. His works can be characterized by the fact that they are abstract and often have very unusual colors.

The Treachery of Images

Among the most famous paintings by Rene Magritte is “The Treachery of Images”. This painting was created in 1929 and is considered a masterpiece by the Surrealist movement. It is part of Magritte’s series of word-image paintings.

Magritte’s intention was to play with the mystery of an image. The image is shown in a naturalistic manner, but the words underneath the image question the perception of the viewer. The image is a simple pipe, but it is presented in a way that makes it seem three-dimensional.


‘Golconda’ demonstrates a simple scene in a complex manner. It depicts an array of identically dressed men wearing dark overcoats and bowler hats. The painting is a commentary on the lack of individuality in groups of people.

The men of ‘Golconda’ are positioned in a grid of hexagonal layers facing a viewpoint. The painting is not only a surrealist work, it is also a masterful example of the use of setting to draw attention to the subject.

The Son of Man

Possibly the most recognizable piece of surrealist art, Rene Magritte’s “Son of Man” is a simple painting containing a number of intriguing details. In the painting, a man stands in front of a wall. The man is wearing an overcoat and a bowler hat. The man’s face is obscured by a green apple. The man is looking out over the sea. The man is wearing a gray suit with a green apple floating in front of his face.

The Son of Man has inspired numerous interpretations, including a famous homage by Norman Rockwell. Rockwell’s homage to the painting includes the use of a red apple instead of a green apple.

The Empire of Light

During the 1950s, Rene Magritte painted a series of paintings known as The Empire of Light. The series features a paradoxical nocturnal landscape under a sunlit sky.

Although Magritte did not plan this series as a formal series, he painted several different versions of the same image. Some of his works were sold to private collectors, while others are currently on display at various museums.

The Lovers

Amongst the most famous paintings of all time is Ren Magritte’s The Lovers. It was created in 1928 and is a surrealist work. The painting features a male and female pair of lovers who are locked in an embrace. They have their faces covered by a white sheet. They are wearing a pair of red dresses.

The painting is framed in an interesting way. It is hung in a room surrounded by bold colors, including blue and red. It is also surrounded by a back wall that is shaded with a darker shade of blue.

The Human Condition

‘The Human Condition’ is one of the most famous paintings by Rene Magritte. This is a painting that uses the concept of ‘painting within a painting’ to show an impalpable border between reality and imagination.

Magritte has used the idea of painting within a painting to produce many different versions of the same theme. The first of these is The Human Condition. This painting was created in 1933. The painting depicts an artist’s easel in front of a window. The window is covered by thick curtains. The painting appears to show both the inside and outside view of the window.

The painting also shows two people in a room with walls. The person to the right wears a wide-brimmed hat and holds a burlap sack. The person to the left wears a cloak that is spread open and holds a cane.

The Lost Jockey

Often called one of the first surrealist paintings, Rene Magritte’s Le Jockey Perdu (The Lost Jockey) is an incredibly influential work of art. In it, the rider is galloping through a strange landscape. The trees are painted in a veined fashion. The ground plane shifts from side to side to give the illusion of instability. The ground is surrounded by curtains, which frame the scene and announce the artificiality of the image.

The False Mirror

The False Mirror was produced in 1928. It has been described as a ‘dual-purpose window to the world’. It features a strikingly large eye. The eye is accompanied by a cloud-like blue sky. It may well be a vision of serenity, but it may also symbolize the limitations of human vision.

Man in a Bowler Hat

During the height of his powers, Rene Magritte created the famous painting Man in a Bowler Hat. The work subverts conventional portraiture by obscuring the sitter’s face with an apple. The man in the painting is wearing a red tie, a white collared shirt, and a dark gray overcoat. The hat is bowler style and has a light gray band. The man has three buttons on his hat. There is a small wrinkle line around his mouth.

Personal Values

Among the most iconic of Magritte’s works is Personal Values. It features a room full of ordinary objects in a surreal setting. It has inspired many artists over the years.

The painting has a style that is very similar to that of the Old Master. It is extremely realistic, yet there are elements that appear with strange proportions.

One of the most notable aspects of the painting is the comb and pillow. This object represents the exterior behavior that is socially acceptable. It is also seen as a standing figure.

Another aspect of the painting is the sky blue walls that seem to depict a room without any human limits. This is an extremely seductive image that lingers in the mind without any conscious awareness.

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