What Kind of Canvas For Melted Crayon Art?

You can use any color of crayons to create your melted crayon art. To use the technique, cut a small piece of paper towel and place it in the center of the canvas. Place the melted crayons in a single layer on the paper towel, and then use a hot glue gun or heat gun to melt them. After melting the crayons, you can either let them dry, or hot glue them down.

Using a heated canvas is recommended for melted crayon art. The paint will not adhere to the paper, and the surface may be too rough. In order to get a smooth application, it is best to use a canvas with a stronger weave. To prevent the paint from cracking, you can use illustration boards or poster boards. You can also use yupo paper, a type of synthetic paper.

To use a canvas, you should first prepare the paper you will use for your melted crayon art. A heavier paper is recommended, since a canvas has too tight of a weave to allow the crayons to apply evenly. A sturdier surface is better for melted crayon art. If you’re going to use oil pastels, you should stick to canvas, but this type of crayon doesn’t melt as smoothly as traditional crayons.

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