What to Do When Picture is Too Small For Wall Space

One of the most common issues people face is a picture that is too small for the wall space in which it is hanging. Although this problem can be difficult to solve, there are several solutions that can help you hang a picture. To begin with, make sure that the frame you choose is the proper size for the room. If the picture is too large, it will look awkward, as it will not be proportional to the other items in the room. To fix this problem, consider using adhesive strips to attach it to the wall.

A good rule of thumb is to choose a framed portrait that is about three-quarters the size of the furniture. It should not be too large, as it will look cramped on the wall. If it is too small, try to hang two or three frames, which will fill the space. It will look better than nothing at all. To avoid this issue, make sure the size of the frame is within eye level.

Use a frame that's half the size of the wall space. If the frame is too big, you can use two or three smaller frames instead. You can even use a single framed piece of art that covers an entire wall area. Just make sure the frame's dimensions are the same as the picture's height. A small rectangle will look fine if the frame is too big.

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