How to Decorate a Big Wall in the Living Room

If your living room has a huge wall, there are a few easy ways to break it up.

A big picture frame

A big picture frame is a great way to break up a long wall, especially if you have a lot of furniture. To hang pictures from a furniture’s top, draw a line at least 30 to 45 centimetres above the wall. Once the picture frames are hung, make sure the bases of each frame are on the same line.

Decorate a large wall is with a mural

Another good way to decorate a large wall is with a mural. A 100 x 144-inch mural can fill the space. The mural is easily removable and comes in six pieces for easy installation. You can also affix a favorite photo to the wall, such as a vacation spot. An expansive panoramic image of Stonehenge, England, fills the empty wall behind a modern sofa. A large accent or gallery-wall is an excellent way to make a big living room look more organized.

Large Wall Art/Multi Piece Canvas Art Sets

One of the best ways to decorate a big wall in a living room is to use large wall art that can fill a large area. A gallery wall is a great way to fill an awkward wall, as it can highlight a collection of objects. If you can’t find a large painting that fits your space, you can use several smaller ones. Using a single large painting or a small series of small paintings can make a big statement on a big surface.

A large painting or photograph is a great focal point for this space. A diptych is another great option for high impact decoration. While many people don’t like to use big-scale paintings, there are many other options to decorate a large wall in the living room. Adding a colorful mural is a great way to make a big wall in the home more attractive.

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