Why Do People Like Skull Paintings?

Even though the idea of owning a skull painting might come as a surprise, but we are here to break the ice for you by giving you reasons as to why skull paintings are so famous. The popularity of skull art dates back to ancient times when people thought the depiction of a skull in a painting to be the direct representation of their innermost thoughts and the feelings and passions that have not been veiled by any hollow prejudices. Besides, skull paintings have always been known to promote the notion of equality which says that even though a human being is recognized through his distinct face, color, size, and shape, to Almighty, the Creator we are all the same and this proposition is clear owing to the fact that all human skeletons share infinite similarities with one another, especially the skull. Apart from this, we will provide you with a few other reasons that make skull paintings so famous.

It projects the raw nature of beings

The first and foremost factor that plays a huge role in glorifying skull paintings is the fact that how the raw, unarmed and unabashed nature of the human being is portrayed through the skull. The paintings essentially remind men that no matter how magnificent are his material achievements, he will always have to come back to his roots to retain his sanity and knowledge. Additionally, it also proves that no matter how rigid your vanity or self-conceit is to the world, to yourself it is only a form of deceit. The best example to uphold this fact is the piece ‘All is Vanity’ created by Charles Allan Gilbert where he portrays a lady focusing to maintain her artificial beauty before a dressing table, but when looked closely, it is only her skull that can hold up her true reflection.

They are unique

Something that sets apart skull paintings from the other varieties is the reality that they are wholly unique both amongst others and within themselves. Paintings are not a one-way lane; they are not wholly dependent on the artists for their value, for the art to receive its due, it is equally important for the viewer to take part in the process of creation and that is through their eccentric interpretations. Therefore, through the portrayal of a skull, a painter can convey his one single idea but the picture will be open to diverse elucidations depending on the mental makeup of the owner.


They invoke an air of mystery

The most important factor about skull paintings is that they invoke an air of mystery no matter where they are placed. The skull essentially protects our brain, an organ that is as indispensable as the heart for a human being to function efficiently. Our minds are the primary workshop that produces our personality traits, ideas, and crucial decisions; but nobody will have a hint about these until we decide to tell them this by ourselves. Similarly, the colors, the patterns and the intricacies with which a skull is painted all have their solitary tales; and it is not unknown that according to human psychology, more is the mysticism, enhanced is the interest. Skull paintings leave a positive mark on the minds of people and keep them coming for more.

A valuable addition

Now that you have known the characteristics that make skull paintings so special, it will also be interesting to learn that rather than filling your home with random frames and objects, choosing a skull painting for add a lot of value and demeanor to the walls and rooms that they will be hanged on.

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