What is So Special About Van Gogh Paintings?

If you love painting and have never seen one of Van Gogh’s paintings, you’ve missed a treat. The artist, who was famous for his flower paintings, was ill and checked into an asylum. He created many paintings that among most famous paintings in the world.

Although the artist’s work is abstract, his paintings are considered good art. The vibrant colors, fine details, and expressive brushstrokes will captivate any viewer. Even those who aren’t art enthusiasts will find Van Gogh’s work beautiful. It’s no wonder that the artist sold only one painting during his lifetime. Despite this, he stayed true to his style and art, and did not try to please the public by copying the works of other artists.

Many art critics consider the Starry Night his greatest work. It was painted entirely from memory and emphasizes an inner emotional life. This painting also demonstrates Van Gogh’s interest in astronomy and different cultures. His paintings are often considered mirrors of the universe, revealing unique representations of the world and our emotional state. There is no other artist as influential in the field of art as Van Gogh.

Unlike most artists, Van Gogh is famous for combining various styles. One of his most famous self-portraits, “Impression of a Self-Portrait”, has a depth and intensity that no other artist has reached. His technique, combining the Japanese woodblock printing technique with the Impressionist style, reflects the artist’s own feelings and interpretation of the scene. As a result, this work has influenced generations of artists throughout the 20th century and into the present.

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