The Card Players by Paul Cézanne

The Card Players by Paul Cézanne series includes five paintings. Each one depicts a table and a group of people playing a card game. Each painting is unique due to the number of players and setting. It is best to view the entire series to appreciate its variety of subject matter and style. For more information, read our brief overview of this artist's work. This article will discuss each painting in more detail.

The card players painting facts

In the early 1890s, Cezanne began a series of paintings featuring labourers playing card games. His first five paintings of this type were completed during this year. The Card Players by Paul Cezanne includes a drawing of two men sitting across a table in an undefined environment. They are facing each other, yet utterly absorbed in their games. There are no obvious physical details in this painting, and the viewer interprets its composition as a volumetric form.

In the 1890s, Cezanne became interested in depicting the activities of labourers who played cards. In fact, he completed five paintings of this type in that same year. The Card Players by Paul Cezanne comprises two men seated across a table. In a strange and undefined setting, they face each other but are engrossed in the ritual of a card game.

The Card Players painting is not a common piece of art, but it has been purchased by the royal family of Qatar. It is not known who has bought it. In fact, no one knows exactly who it belongs to, but the Royal Family of Qatar recently bought the most famous version of The Card Players painting. This piece of art was based on multiple preparatory sketches, and is considered to be the most famous work in the history of modern art.

Despite the popularity of his work, the card players are not widely known today. In fact, there are only a handful of copies of The Game of Hearts in museums. In fact, The Card Players is the only painting by the French impressionist to have reached a museum in the United States.

How much is The Card Players painting worth?

One of them sold for more than $300 million in 2011! It is one of the most expensive paintings in the world.

Who owns the card players painting

It is currently owned by Qatari royals and Embiricos. The original works were sold privately. The Card Players was one of the most popular pieces of art in the world.

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