Can Oil Paintings Be Mass Produced?

Oil paintings can be mass produced. How are oil paintings mass produced? They’re made by hand in a factory. The front of the line workers stretch and prime the canvas. The back of the line will paint. Then, the artists will add color to the canvas and wait for it to dry.

Mass produced oil paintings from China

Chinese art lovers are finding a new source for their artwork. As more people turn to the Internet to purchase fine art, mass produced oil paintings are becoming more affordable. Previously, only a select few artists were selling their work in foreign countries. Now, the Chinese government is opening up its doors to international buyers, and the result is a growing collection of cheap paintings by Chinese artists. In fact, the market for mass-produced paintings from China is bigger than ever.

In 1996, the number of Chinese paintings imported into the United States more than doubled. Last year, the bulk shipments hit $30.5 million, and the retail sales are many times higher. Regardless of the price, the biggest markets for Chinese oil paintings are second homes and condominiums in Florida. Hotels and restaurants also purchase large numbers of these artworks. These paintings are available to buy for less than $500 a piece. Whether you’re looking for a traditional masterpiece or a contemporary work, there’s a Chinese oil painting that’s perfect for your space.

The first place to look for mass-produced Chinese paintings is Dafen, a small village north of Hong Kong. This city has thousands of factories that make cheap electrical goods, counterfeit clothing, and Monets by the millions. Any painting can be copied stroke-by-stroke or gesture-by-gesture, and a large percentage of the paintings are fake. However, if you’re looking for cheap oil paintings at wholesale price, you should head to Art in Bulk, who is one of the most well-known oil painting wholesalers from China.

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