How to Pack a Painting For Shipping?

Proper packaging is essential for the preservation of oil paintings. Oil paintings are expensive, so proper packing is crucial to their integrity and quality. If you're sending a priceless painting, consider the dimensions of your art piece so you can determine which shipping method is best. Then, measure the dimensions of the box to determine the exact dimensions for your painting. This will help you determine what kind of packaging is most effective and what you can expect to pay for the shipping.

Before you start packaging your painting for shipping, measure it carefully. You may need two people to safely package a large painting. You'll also need packing peanuts and scissors, as painter's tape is not sticky enough. For large paintings, you can use a telescoping box. Always take photos of the package while it's shipping so you can track it to make sure it arrives safely.

The next step in packaging your painting for shipping is to cover the painting with padding. The padding is a must so it won't press against a hard surface. Lay down a layer of cling film or glassine paper on the floor before you put the painting in the tube. If you're unsure of the dimensions, you can always contact your local post office. During packing, make sure the painting is not on a hard surface.


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