6 Most Famous Watercolor Paintings

Watercolor paintings are some of the most popular art mediums today. Famous watercolor artists have influenced modern art and culture, and their work can be found on popular art television shows, successful YouTube channels, and in the world’s most renowned art museums. Below is a list of 6 most famous watercolor paintings.

Cathedral of Llandaff by Paul Sandby

The Cathedral of Llandaff by Paul Sandbu is a watercolour that depicts the Welsh town of Llandaff. Sandby, an English watercolor artist, began by creating caricatures and plates of Welsh castles. This was the first piece he published that was not signed. Despite his anonymity, Sandby was still able to create such beautiful works. Llandaff Cathedral is a fine example of Sandbu’s work.

Brown by Tatiana Ivchenkova

This painting, “Brown,” by Russian artist Tatiana Ivchenkova, depicts a landscape in an autumnal mood. The artist uses warm, saturated colors and vivid brushstrokes in her work. Although her background is in medicine, she started her artistic career in Rostov-on-Don. After graduating from the State Academy of Architecture and Art, Tatiana moved to Paris to pursue a post-graduate course in the arts. She is currently completing a PhD in art or history. Brown is a warm color, and it evokes images of rocks, animals, and the fall season.

Landscape by André Roland Brudieux

André Roland Brudieux was an artist who created landscape paintings in the twentieth century. His work often featured watercolour techniques on watercolor paper and was published during the early 20th century. The artist worked as a woodcutter before deciding to become a painter. Brudieux studied at the Ecole du Louvre and died in 1999. He was one of the last surrealist artists to paint in this style, but his work is still highly prized today.

Place de Diaghilev by Nadéra Benmansour

“Place de Diaghilev by Nadéra Benmensour” is one of the best-known paintings in the Paris Metro. The artist was born in Oran, Algeria, and moved to France in 1999. She studied computer graphics and eventually turned to watercolors, learning the Algerian colors and the work of impressionists. Nadera Benmansour’s work freezes moments of life in their vivid and sometimes chaotic state, probing the booming aspect of cities. Nadera Benmansour believes that watercolors should emphasize the human being, and she paints through shape and composition.

Lake Geneva by William Turner

Lake Geneva by Joseph Mallord William Turner is a classic work of Romantic art. It depicts a famous battleship, Fighting Temeraire, pulling into the docks of a steamship. It was created in 1840 and is still a favorite among art lovers. Turner is considered to be one of the best painters of the 19th century, but he was controversial. His work is known for its evocative colourisations and turbulent marine scenes. His work has been highly influential on artists of the French impressionists, and his popularity has steadily increased since his time.

The fisherman by Winslow Homer

The fisherman by Winslow Home, from the series The Fisherman, is a classic work of art by a famous American painter. Homer spent his early career as a freelance illustrator. During the Civil War, he was assigned by Harper’s Weekly to document the battle in the northern states. His assignments allowed him to explore the physical and emotional effects of war on the landscape and soldiers. As a war correspondent, he produced numerous engraving studies of Northern troops, which he then translated into oil paintings. These paintings reveal insight into the lives of average soldiers in the tumultuous times that they were experiencing.

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