How to Hang 2 Pictures of Different Sizes Vertically

When you hang two pictures of different sizes vertically, the horizontal distance should be 60 inches. This distance is not measured from the floor, but from the bottom of the picture. You can find the proper length of each piece by using a tape measure. Then, tape the pieces of paper to the wall. Step back from the wall and look at how they appear from different angles. If the pieces do not appear to balance, then adjust them to the correct length.

Once you’ve determined the exact length, you’re ready to hang your two pictures. Use a carpenter’s level to determine the exact distance between the frames. The average eye level is between 57 and 60 inches off the floor. Then, measure the distance from the top of the frame to the hanging hardware. Then, divide that measurement by two. If you’re hanging two different-size pictures, the horizontal distance should be 57 inches above the floor.

If you want your paintings to balance out, hang two pictures of the same size vertically. It’s easy to align the two pieces if they’re the same size. If you’re hanging two different-sized pictures side-by-side, they’ll look great together. Or, if you’re hanging them outside a key piece of furniture, you’ll want to align the two frames so that the tops match perfectly. Regardless of the style or size, you’ll love the look!

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