How Much Does It Cost To Commission A Painting?

The cost of a painting depends on many factors, including the size of the canvas, the number of people being painted, and the artist's specialization. The price of a large portrait can be several times the cost of a small portrait, and it's likely that the artist will charge a lower price for a smaller portrait. As a general rule, larger paintings tend to take longer to complete, and you'll have to pay more per square inch.

How much for custom oil painting cost?

The artist must charge enough to cover his expenses and still make a profit. However, a small profit is also not an excuse to charge too little. This is because galleries take about 50 percent of the total sale price, which must be factored in. To determine the correct price for an oil painting, the artist should multiply the length and width of the painting by the number of square inches, and multiply this by the dollar amount of the painting. The artist uses a price of $6 per square inch for a large painting.

Besides the price, a custom portrait can also be ordered. A portrait of a single person can cost anywhere from $50 to $700. The size of the portrait depends on the number of characters it has, so a small figure may be too small for a large portrait. Moreover, a small size makes it easier to see details. To ensure the quality of the painting, the artist should use domestic Marley brand paints and a good quality oil canvas. The process of ordering an oil painting usually takes between ten and twenty working days.

In general, an oil painting portrait costs anywhere from $50 to $1000. A small portrait doesn't require a lot of work, but it requires more time. Moreover, an artist must have a professional portfolio and experience in painting large-sized pictures. As the cost of a custom portrait is directly related to its quality, the size of the picture should be indicated on the order. The artist should also specify the title of the portrait.

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