How to Stretch an Oil Painting

There are several steps to properly stretch an oil painting on a canvas. First, make sure that the piece is on a clean surface. Next, place the painting face down on the canvas. Place the molding against the stretcher. This will help hold the canvas taut while stretching it. You may want to use a pair of canvas pliers to help with this process. If you have a second set of hands, you may want to use these to support the artwork as you stretch it. Also, having a second pair of hands is a great idea. This will ensure that you align the painting properly with the frame.

How to stretch an oil painting onto a frame?

Once you have the frame, it’s time to stretch the canvas. Start by placing staples on each side of the canvas. Place them 2 to 3 inches apart. You may have to hammer them in to secure the canvas, but this will help the painting remain square. If the staples aren’t fully embedded, use shims or wood wedges to hold it in place. After all the staples are inserted, the canvas is now ready for stretching.

The next step is to staple the canvas. To do this, you should place staples on the four corners and two-thirds of the canvas. To fix the canvas, place a scrap of wood between the bar and the canvas. Then, hammering the staples so that the wooden frame follows the contours of the painting is not necessary. This is the final step to stretch an oil painting. It is essential for the stability and the aesthetic appeal of the piece.

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