The Most Popular Colors for Abstract Wall Decor

In addition to the classic colors like black and white, the most common hues for abstract wall art are grey, purple and floral prints. If you want to use colors like these but don’t know which ones to pick, try these ways to experiment with abstract wall decor:

Black and white

If you’re looking for an art style that’ll make a big statement without a lot of color, look no further than black and white abstract art. Monolithic forms in black and white can feel firmly grounded in a space while wild splatters can add a sense of upbeat energy. Gleaming line drawings, meanwhile, can be romantic and feminine.


Probably the most popular color for abstract wall decor is purple. This beautiful shade has long been associated with royalty, mystery, and wealth. Its deep hues are soothing, calming, and are considered to heighten spirituality. Its many shades of purple include amethyst, eggplant, and lilac. This versatile color is perfect for a modern, contemporary, or a minimalist interior design.


For the most part, artists who use grey in their art will choose a more muted shade for the background of their abstract pieces. This neutral shade is a popular choice for abstract wall decor. Regardless of the type of work you choose to hang on your walls, be sure to explore new ideas and concepts when choosing these pieces. This year, you’ll be able to take advantage of many design trends in 2018.


When choosing a color for abstract wall decor, consider what other colors are in your home. When combined with navy, orange gives an instant pop of color. Likewise, orange works well with gold tones, natural stone, and neutral colors. Orange also adds a splash of color to a room with a neutral color palette. For those who want to go out of the box, orange can make a bold statement without clashing with your existing décor.


In a room, yellow is a great choice for an abstract wall decor. Its sunny aura inspires creativity and positivity. People who are not so into abstract art may find yellow more appealing as it improves mood, boosts creativity, and cheers up the soul. Also known as the “intelligent color,” yellow is also popular in children’s art. Young artists can make yellow paintings that depict sunflowers, summer sun, or wheat fields.


For an artful, bold statement, consider buying abstract wall decor in green. You can easily swap out pieces or add different ones to suit the mood of your home. Wall art is also inexpensive and easy to change. It can tie together your color scheme, add a stylish focal point, or even act as a neutral backdrop for a bold statement. Beginning designers often make the mistake of choosing decor that is too small for their walls.


In a world where everything is changing quickly, abstract wall decor is the perfect way to embrace the changes. Red is an engaging color that never goes out of style. It conveys feelings of power, aggression, and emotional arousal. A large red painting can transform a room, capturing the viewer’s attention and stirring emotions. The opposite is also true – a bright red painting can be aggressive and take away strength.


This year’s design trends have many options for decorating your walls with abstract art. You can experiment with complementary color schemes such as contrasting pastels and vibrant floral prints. You can also go for an unconventional style and combine an abstract artwork with a mustard-colored sofa. A pink abstract wall decor is a beautiful way to add a pop of color to your room. Here are a few ideas for a bold and beautiful design.

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