How To Decorate A Large Wall With Vaulted Ceilings

Creating a beautiful, comfortable and inviting space in a room with vaulted ceilings can be quite the challenge. Vaulted ceilings often create an overwhelming feeling that can make it difficult to decorate the large wall without making it feel overly cluttered or too empty.

So, how to decorate a large wall with vaulted ceilings?

With some thought and careful consideration, there are countless ways to decorate a large wall with vaulted ceilings to add character and style to any room.

Understanding Vaulted Ceilings

A vaulted ceiling is generally characterized as having two sloped sides that come together at an apex or peak. The shape of this type of ceiling gives an added sense of depth and drama to any space, while also providing unique design opportunities for walls below.

Vaulted ceilings can be constructed using various materials such as wood, brick, stone or even metal. Depending on the material used in construction, the appearance may vary significantly – from rustic charm to modern sophistication. When decorating a wall below a vaulted ceiling it is important to keep these materials in mind when selecting décor items or paint colors so they will work harmoniously with the overall look and feel of the space.

Choosing the Right Decor for a Large Wall

A. Considerations for wall décor (scale, style, color, etc.)

When decorating a large wall with vaulted ceilings, there are several considerations that should be taken into account.

  • First and foremost is scale. Larger walls will require larger decorations to properly fill the space.
  • The style of decoration should also be taken into account when choosing pieces for a large wall. Depending on the overall look and feel of the room, different styles may work better than others in creating a cohesive atmosphere.
  • Color is another important factor to consider when decorating any space; color can either make or break the entire design scheme of a room. That’s why it’s important to choose colors that complement each other before buying decorations for your wall.
  • Additionally, texture can add an interesting dimension to any wall décor as well – consider adding textiles or fabric pieces as part of your overall design scheme for added depth and interest.

B. Options for wall décor (paint, wallpaper, art, etc.)

  • Paint is an easy and affordable way to quickly transform the look of any wall. Choose a vibrant color for an eye-catching statement or opt for a neutral hue if you prefer a more subtle appearance.
  • Wallpaper adds texture and pattern to any room, creating visual interest that can’t be achieved with paint alone.
  • For a truly unique touch, consider adding artwork like framed photographs or paintings; this type of wall décor brings personality into the space while making it visually interesting.
  • Mirrors are another great option as they reflect light and can make even the most cramped spaces appear larger than they actually are.

No matter what your style may be, these options will help you bring your vision to life when decorating large walls with vaulted ceilings.

C. Tips for selecting the right décor for a large wall

Decorating a large wall with vaulted ceilings can be a daunting task. With so much space and varying heights, it's important to select the right decor for the room. Here are some tips for selecting the perfect d cor for your large wall:

  • First, consider the overall theme of your home when choosing decorations. If you have a modern aesthetic, look for modern pieces that will fit in with the rest of your decor.
  • On the other hand, if you prefer a more traditional look, opt for classic pieces such as framed paintings or antiqued mirrors.
  • Second, take into account how much natural light is present in the room to determine what kind of colors and textures might work best on the walls. For example, dark colors tend to absorb light while lighter shades can make a room feel airy and open.

Decorating Ideas for Large Walls with Vaulted Ceilings

A. Painting a bold accent wall

For homeowners looking to spruce up their living space, painting a bold accent wall is one of the simplest and most effective ways to add pizzazz. Creating an eye-catching feature wall with a unique pattern or bright color can instantly transform any dull room into a vibrant and inviting place for friends and family.

B. Hanging large-scale art or tapestries

When decorating a large wall with vaulted ceilings, hanging large-scale art or tapestries can be a great way to create a dramatic effect. In order to maximize the impact of these pieces, it is important to take into consideration the size and style of the room and its existing design elements. Whether you are looking for an eye catching statement piece for a grand entryway or something more subtle for your bedroom, there are plenty of options when it comes to hanging large scale art or tapestries.

When choosing art or tapestries, look for pieces that are visually striking but also complement the other colors and textures in the room. Start by measuring your space to determine how big of an artwork you need. Consider whether you want one larger piece or several smaller ones grouped together on the wall.

C. Installing wall shelves or built-ins for storage and display

When decorating a large wall with vaulted ceilings, it is important to consider how you can maximize your storage and display options. Installing wall shelves or built-ins is an excellent way to make use of the extra space while keeping items easily accessible. These features can also be stylishly integrated into the existing décor for an attractive look that complements the room.

When planning these additions, it is essential to measure your wall area thoroughly and identify any potential obstacles that could disrupt construction. Taking note of these measurements helps ensure that you choose shelves or built-ins that are appropriate for the size of your space, as well as correctly fit around windows, beams, and other architectural elements in the room.

Additionally, shelving should be securely attached to studs in the walls for stability and safety when storing heavier items like books and photo frames.

D. Using a statement chandelier or light fixture

A statement chandelier or light fixture is a great way to decorate a large wall with vaulted ceilings. Not only does it add a stylish touch, but it can also be used to bring the eye up and add visual interest to the space.

When choosing a light fixture for an area with high ceilings, it's important to take into account both the size of the room and the amount of available space. A large grandiose fixture will make an impactful statement and can draw attention away from any imperfections on the wall, while smaller fixtures help define areas within larger spaces. Additionally, you'll want to consider how much natural light is in the room, as well as its overall aesthetic before making your selection.

E. Displaying a collection of smaller pieces (e.g. plates, frames, etc.)

Decorating a large wall with vaulted ceilings can be intimidating, but it doesn't have to be. A creative way to fill the space is by displaying a collection of smaller pieces. By grouping various plates, frames and other elements together in an orderly arrangement, you can add visual interest and color to your room.

  • When selecting which pieces to display, consider their colors and shapes. You don't need all matching items; instead, choose items that coordinate with each other for a more interesting presentation.
  • In addition, use light-colored elements in the center of the wall for the best effect as this will draw attention upward toward the ceiling.
  • Consider varying sizes and heights as well to give your collection dimension and depth.
  • Finally, hang items at eye level or lower so that you can appreciate them from any distance or angle in the room.

Best Practices for Decorating a Large Wall with Vaulted Ceilings

A. Measuring and planning before purchasing decor

Measuring and planning are essential steps in any decorating project, especially when it comes to vaulted ceilings that have unique angles and shapes. Taking the time to measure the area carefully before purchasing any decor will help ensure that you get the right pieces for your space.

Before you start shopping for decor, take accurate measurements of the wall where you plan to place them. Make sure to note any angles or irregularities in the shape of the ceiling as well as its height—all of which can affect how different pieces look on your wall. You'll also want to consider scale when shopping—make sure your art and furniture fit comfortably in relation to your ceiling's size and features without feeling cramped or out of proportion.

B. Avoiding clutter and creating a balanced composition

Creating a balanced composition for a large wall with vaulted ceilings can be challenging. With the added height of the ceiling, it can be difficult to decorate in a way that avoids creating too much clutter and looks aesthetically pleasing. In order to create an appealing design that also adds warmth and character to the room, here are some tips to help you get started.

  • First, consider how much natural light enters the space as this will inform your color palette choice. Choose colors that will bounce off each other while still allowing light into the room which will make it feel more spacious and welcoming.
  • Additionally, when picking out furniture pieces and decorations try to keep them minimalistic yet meaningful; think oversized artwork or one statement piece like a grand chandelier rather than multiple smaller items that might distract from the overall look.

C. Highlighting the architectural features of the vaulted ceiling

A vaulted ceiling can add an air of grandeur to any space. Its architectural features are both striking and timeless. From traditional stone arches to contemporary steel frames, these ceilings come in a variety of styles that can be used to create unique aesthetics for any room.


In conclusion,decorating a large wall with vaulted ceilings can be a daunting task. With the right amount of planning and creative insight, you can turn any space into a masterpiece. Consider the various elements such as the size, color and texture of the room before deciding on your final design. Making use of mirrors, artwork, shelving and lighting can add depth to an otherwise empty wall. Whatever design you choose, remember that how it looks will depend on how well you put it together.

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