Is J Roybal a Real Artist?

One of the first things that one notices about J Roybal’s work is that it is less direct than that of other artists. There is never a sense of clarity about whether or not Roybal is enraptured by her subject. The work has a sense of doubt that suggests both exoneration and denial. And the bare minimum of materials is used – heavy black pastel on tissue-like geofilm.

Is Joyce Roybal a Real Person?

Artist Joyce Roybal, sometimes referred to as J. or James, is known for her whimsical child genre paintings.

The art of Joyce Roybal is cartoonish and childlike, and is often referred to as “puffy people.” The oil on canvas painting is signed lower right. It is dated 1980 and is a part of a private collection from Pennsylvania. The subject of Roybal’s paintings is influenced by Graciela Boulanger and her work. In fact, Roybal’s paintings often contain recognizable figures and images of children, like teddy bears or pigs.

In addition to focusing on the body, his art is infused with humor. Although his signature style is girlish and oversized, Roybal’s work questions the definition of a female form. While a dress can be passive and still convey the idea of a child, it also has a camp-like quality. So, is J Roybal a real artist?

Are Roybal Paintings Worth Anything?

Are Roybal paintings worth anything? Well, that depends on your answer to this question.

Many of her works have been sold at auctions, with the realized prices ranging from $10 to $600 USD depending on the medium and size of the painting. One of the more famous works by Roybal, MUSICAL ENCHANMENTMENT, sold for $600 USD. Clearly, the price of this piece is a lot higher than the price of most other Roybal paintings.

There are several aspects of Joyce Roybal’s work that are worth pondering. It’s unclear whether she is an American or Italian artist. Her biographical information contradicts the claims that she is Italian. While she is a living, non-American, and non-European, her works have been sold for a variety of prices.

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