How to Clean an Oil Painting With Bread

If you're wondering how to clean an oil painting, you should try one of the many bread cleaning methods. The tacky, spongy surface of bread helps it pick up dirt and dust. The first step is to thoroughly wet the painting before starting the cleaning process. Then, place a piece of bread over the work and gently scrub it. Repeat this procedure until the painting is dirt-free. If the bread becomes too dirty, add a fresh piece.

Using an unsliced, freshly baked loaf of bread is an effective way to clean an oil painting. Depending on the bread type, you may have to try this method several times before you notice a dramatic improvement in the appearance of your painting. If you can't get your hands on a freshly baked loaf of white or whole grain bread, you can use distilled turpentine to make your painting look shiny and clean.

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