7 Creative Ways to Arrange Two Pictures on a Wall

Are you looking for ways to add some interest to your walls? A great way to do this is by arranging two pictures on the wall. Displaying two pictures together can create a beautiful visual effect and can be used to bring focus and attention to a certain area of the room. But how do you arrange two pictures on a wall?

There are many creative ways that you can arrange two pictures on a wall. Here are seven ideas that are sure to make your space look amazing:

Create a Gallery Wall

A gallery wall is an arrangement of multiple artwork pieces hung together in one space. It’s an excellent way to display multiple pieces of art in one area, while still keeping them all organized. To create a gallery wall with two pictures, place them both at eye level, with one slightly offset from the other. This will give the illusion of movement and create visual interest in the room.

Hang Pictures Opposite Each Other

If you want to make your space appear bigger, then hanging two pictures opposite each other is the way to go! Place the artworks opposite each other at different heights and distances from each other. This will draw attention away from the corners of the room, which can make small spaces feel larger than they actually are.

Use Symmetry

A symmetrical arrangement looks great when it comes to displaying artwork on walls! Hang two matching frames side by side or pair complementary images together for an eye-catching effect that will bring balance and harmony into any room.

Hang Them High Up

Hanging artwork high up on walls has become increasingly popular lately, as it helps draw attention up towards higher points in the home, making rooms appear larger than they actually are! Try hanging two frames above furniture or doorways for an interesting visual effect that won’t be overlooked!

Try Various Shapes & Sizes

Don’t be afraid to experiment with different shapes and sizes when it comes to arranging artworks on walls! Grouping various shapes together creates interest and depth in any room—so don’t be afraid of mixing things up a bit!

Create Contrast With Color & Texture

Create contrast between frames with color or texture for added visual interest! For example, pair bright colored frames with neutral colored frames or combine textured paper prints with smooth canvas prints—the possibilities are endless!

Mix & Match Styles & Themes

Combining different styles and themes is also a great way to spruce up any wall display—think vintage photographs mixed with modern paintings or abstract prints combined with landscape photography – this type of combination will keep eyes moving around your space for longer periods of time!

These seven creative ways for arranging two pictures on a wall should help get you started in creating beautiful displays within your home – just remember; have fun experimenting until you find something that works best for your space!


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