Why Was Vincent Van Gogh Famous?

Van Gogh's paintings have earned him worldwide fame, and have inspired many artists. But what really makes him so unique? How did he create such a unique style? And why were some of his works rejected? Let's examine this question in more detail. The answer will surprise you.

Van Gogh is famous for being mentally ill

The question of whether Van Gogh was mentally ill is a controversial one. His famous paintings suggest that he was afflicted with schizophrenia, but his case is complicated by the fact that he exhibited no psychotic symptoms prior to the age of 35, and was free of such symptoms between episodes. Furthermore, he did not exhibit negative symptoms associated with schizophrenia, such as diminished emotional expression, avolition, and irritability.

Only sold one painting in his life

It is said that Van Gogh only sold one painting during the course of his life. The Red Vineyard, one of his most dramatic Provencal landscape paintings, sold for 400 francs at an exhibition in Brussels, four months before his suicide. Since then, the painting has remained in the Pushkin Museum in Moscow. The Pushkin Museum decided to restore The Red Vineyard in 2006 and this effort has produced some fascinating discoveries.

Unique use of color

The most well-known paintings by Vincent van Gogh were produced in the final two years of his life, after he left Paris. In 1888, he moved to Arles with Paul Gauguin and rented four rooms in 2 Place Lamartine, dubbed the “Yellow House” because of its citron hue. The two men worked closely together and developed the concept of color as an inner emotion.

The first sketches by Vincent van Gogh may appear amateurish, but they bear witness to his education in Realism. He began to study Realism by reading a series of anatomy and perspective books, as well as books on artistic technique. During this period, he only used black and white for his early drawings, believing that mastery of the technique was necessary before attempting to use color.

Expressive brushwork

Many people admire Van Gogh's painterly style, which is known for its loose, sinuous brushstrokes. The artist's distinctive style was influenced by the masters Gauguin, Monet, and Bernard of Paris. He became friends with Gauguin in Arles and used similar painting techniques. Both painters created landscapes and portraits based on memory. The brushstrokes in this painting are loose and sinuous, but there is a tension between lines and other elements in the painting.

The unusual choice of subjects

The unusual choice of subjects that made Vincent VanGogh famous has been an ongoing debate among art historians and critics. The artist initially painted self-portraits and tried to imitate Japanese woodblock prints. Yet, he managed to remain true to his creative and expressive style, and eventually became famous for choosing the subjects that most appealed to his audience. Ultimately, this unconventional approach to painting made him popular among Eastern audiences.

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