Most Famous Angel Paintings for Childroom

Are you looking for some creative artworks to decorate your child’s room? Well, we advise you to make this space more attractive and catchy by following angel theme. Kids would definitely love the idea, and they will find it more inspiring and creative. Outpost Art has a huge collection of angel paintings that you can buy for your childroom. Many new age artists have created masterpieces with their huge experience and innovative mind.

No matter whether you are in love with abstract art, expressionism, or any other form of art; the angel paintings are available with most creative patterns. Below we have highlighted details about some of the most famous angel paintings that have gained huge popularity over the years:

The Annunciation

Petrus Christus has created this amazing angel painting with ultimate imagination. Children will definitely love the shiny wings of the angle standing at one side of the room. The holy spirit does not require any vibrant color; the painter has depicted its purity with the white color. This painting is loaded with the ultimate contrast of dark and bright colors that add a special touch of innovation to the artwork. It is one of the best painting for every childroom.


Here is something really different than the old stories about mother Mary and the holy angel. In this modern painting, the artist has shown Mary in the form of a schoolgirl who is in an improbable situation. The angle is standing beside her with his large wings. This painting created a dynamic emotion with the unique settings for the famous event that happened between mother Mary and the angel. The artist took a modern approach, but the angel in the painting is really amazing. You can also install this painting in the kid’s room.

Heads of Angels

Those who are looking for something unique for their child’s room are advised to go ahead with this amazing painting of Sir Joshua Reynolds. He painted the angels in the sky in a unique and creative way with the touch of vibrant colors in the middle of the painting. This is one of the most impressive images that you can hang on the wall in an angel-themed room.

Hugo Van Der Goes

This painting was created in the middle of the 15th century, and it shows many small angels in one painting. Few are flying, and others are walking around. Notice the little child in the middle and how excited the angels are to adore the baby. This painting has explained the birth of Jesus in a beautiful way with an impressive combination of colors.

You can pick any of these angel paintings for your childroom or get some modern art inspirations. The market is loaded with many of them; parents just need to make a careful decision about what kind of appeal they want to create in the child room. One can also pick multiple angel paintings with different size ranges and created an art gallery in the childroom.

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