Rules For Hanging Pictures Above Furniture

There are several Rules For Hanging Pictures Above Furniture. The first rule is to have a minimum gap of four to eight inches. This space should be larger than the width of the furniture. If you are hanging horizontal or vertical pieces, space them at 57 to 60 inches off the floor. This space allows for a few extra inches of breathing room between them. This gap is necessary for the proper visual balance of your room.

The second rule is to hang your pictures at the right height. If you have a couch or sofa, hang the picture above it slightly higher than your furniture. You can also hang it closer to one side of the couch. Remember to level the picture before hanging it. This will ensure that the image is straight and level. This is important when decorating above a sofa or other large piece of furniture. It can be difficult to achieve the right level if you aren't sure how to hang a picture.

Before hanging a picture, you need to figure out where to place it. Be sure to consider the placement of the furniture and the surrounding space before you hang the piece. Too much space between a piece of art and the furniture will create a visual disconnect. It will also not act as a foundation or anchor for the theme of your room. To avoid any problems, use a level and a measuring tape. It helps to have a second set of eyes to check the placement.

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