The Best Gallery Wall Ideas Behind Tv

The best gallery wall ideas are those that include the TV. A TV can be a dark and ugly hulk on a blank wall, but adding a gallery will de-emphasize the piece, while making it more visually appealing. Any television can be turned into art with a little paint and a few interesting accessories. Here are some ideas. For a fun design, try a gallery wall with a painting of your favorite planet!

To get an idea of the layout that looks best, practice on a large wall. Make a cutout of the television and arrange all the frames around it. Take a picture of the resulting arrangement, and try it out on the wall. If it looks good, you can make the grouping as large as you want. This will transform your boring TV wall into a gorgeous art gallery. After a couple of practice sessions, you’ll have a great idea on how to decorate your TV wall.

Choose an appropriate color for the walls surrounding your TV. The colors of the frames should complement the color of the TV. A black TV will look cluttered with bright and bold artwork, so select a neutral color for the frames. This way, the TV will look more purposeful and less crowded. And once you’ve perfected the color, you’ll have a wall that’s as stylish as your interiors!


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