3 Best Jesus Christ Paintings for Home

Jesus Christ is the epitome of piety and holiness. He propagated the religion of Christianity to convey God’s message to people to live a life confirming to the standards of humanity by serving others and walking on the path of forgiveness and humility. Therefore, it is good to decorate your homes with paintings of the holy Christ as the image of his reverential figure will surely be a sight to behold and bring a lot of peace and solace to one’s mind. His picture can be put up at any place in the house to lighten it up, but if you want to indulge in finesse you can accordingly coordinate the color of your walls and arrange the living spaces in a way that augments to the beauty of your room.

The birth of Jesus in a manger

Each painting of the Holy Christ has its own unique message to tell the world. For instance, the painting depicting the birth of the baby Jesus in a manger and the Magi’s arrival with gifts reflects that not an ordinary child but God himself in flesh was born on this earth. This scene in a mostly dark background of the manger would go well with homes having light colored walls such as in peach or various shades of off white color, and will look exquisite on walls with flowery wallpapers as well.

The Last Supper

This beautiful relic, brought to life by Leonardo da Vinci, tells the story of the Last supper enjoyed by Jesus, along with his twelve disciples, to celebrate his last Passover meal before he takes leave of his body. This painting, which is fraught with emotion, if hung in the boudoir of the living room is sure to grab the attention of the guests. The ambience of the dining room also seems perfect for such a painting as the picture corresponds to a reality where people gather to sit down and share their food. One can accordingly arrange for chairs and tables of dark colors such as chestnut brown or walnut shades against walls of greyish color with portions in floral prints of yellow, blue or green.

The Resurrection of Christ

The Resurrection of Christ is a profound incident in Christian history and has been depicted in painting by various artists such as Piero della Francesca, Raphael, Giotto, Titian and a host of others. The painting depicts the triumph of virtue over vice- that inspite of Jesus being crucified, he dies only to rise again, thus proving him to be truly the Son of God. This painting if placed in a quiet corner of the house will be sure to show itself very well; maybe behind the fireplace in the parlour of the house or in the bedroom, with wall colors mostly in light shades, or in one’s study room which is neatly arranged and not much cluttered. You can accordingly decorate the place with velvet cushions and curtains of velvet or lace fabrics in shades of colors such as pink or floral blue.

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