Rules For Hanging Pictures On Stairs

Listed below are the Rules For Hanging Pictures On Stairs. These rules are a good starting point when displaying artwork. You should keep in mind that each stair is different and the size and angle of each step is important. The picture's size should match the frame's proportions. It should not be too large or too small, as this will create a choking hazard.

First, you have to determine the proper distance between each picture and the stair. Depending on the size of the pictures, they should be placed vertically. Make sure to space them evenly so that the artwork does not clash with the stairs. If your staircase is narrow and you have a narrow hallway, a gallery wall will look great. But if you have a wide stairway, you can hang big pictures on the wall and not be bothered with the height.

Secondly, when hanging pictures on stairs, you should hang them at a distance of 57 to 60 inches. It is important to note that it is important to hang the art squarely on the stairs, otherwise it will look shaky and unattractive. If you are unsure of this distance, you can use a chalk line or a laser level to mark the distances. After you have marked the distances, you can hang the pictures using a ladder that fits the staircase. You can buy a Little Giant ladder online.

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