Interchange by Willem de Kooning

A popular abstract painting is Interchange by Willem de Kooning, also known as “Interchanged.” It is a well-known piece by the Dutch-American artist. This is one of the earliest examples of modern art movement of abstract expressionism in the United States. This piece combines the use of light and color to create a dynamic and compelling piece of art. While de Kooning did not necessarily create a ‘classic’ art work, the painting is still very interesting.

Who bought Interchange de Kooning?

It has a very rich history. In 1955, the abstract landscape “Interchange” sold for $4,000 to an American collector. It was then acquired by Edgar Kaufmann Jr., an architect and owner of a department store in Pittsburgh. In 1989, a Japanese art dealer, Shigeki Kameyama, purchased Interchange for $20 million. The painting has become a classic and a hot commodity and has even sold for a record for a living artist. The buyer, Ken Griffin, a former CEO of a department store in Pittsburgh, was very happy to make the purchase. While it was a boneheaded move, it has helped a painting achieve new fame.

Interchange Painting Price

This oil painting was the first abstract landscape by de Kooning. It was the first abstract landscape to be painted by the artist. The artist was influenced by the works of Franz Kline and Yoko Ono. While this work is still classified as a modern masterpiece, it was the first to sell for $300 million in September 2015. This figure is equivalent to $317.1 million today. Its popularity was such that it has since been purchased by several billionaires. This painting is also one of the most expensive pantings in the world.

Where Is Interchange by Willem De Kooning?

The work is now displayed at the Art Institute of Chicago.

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