How to Hang Tapestry on Ceiling?

Tapestries hung from the ceiling are a fantastic way to add color and personal traits to a room. Not only are tapestries visually appealing, but they can also absorb sound and create a cozy environment.

How to hang tapestry on ceiling?

If you would like to add a tapestry to your ceiling, follow these steps:

Collect Your Materials

Before beginning, you must gather the necessary materials.

Here is a list of necessities:

  • Tapestry
  • Scissors
  • Commando tape
  • Measuring tape
  • Pencil
  • Ladder

Determine and Mark the Location

Determine where you would like to hang your tapestry before anything else. It is advisable to choose a location that is within easy reach of a ladder or step stool, as you will need to be able to reach the location without difficulty.

Use a measuring tape to determine the distance from the ceiling to the top of your ladder once you’ve chosen the location. Put a pencil mark on the ceiling at this point. This is the highest point of your tapestry.

Next, divide the width of your tapestry in half using its measurement. This provides the center point. Additionally, mark the ceiling at this point.

Trim and adhere Command Strips

Now, affix the tapestry to the ceiling. Start by adjusting the length of the Command strips with a pair of scissors. Ensure that you have enough strips, as you will need one for each corner of the tapestry.

Next, remove the backing from the Command strips and adhere them to the tapestry’s corners. Ensure that the adhesive side is facing outward.Hang

Hang the Tapestry

After attaching the Command strips, it is time to hang the tapestry. First, ascend the ladder and align the top of the tapestry with the ceiling mark you made. Then, press the tapestry against the ceiling while ensuring that it is straight.

Next, descend the ladder and verify that the tapestry is hanging straight from the floor. If not, adjust it gently until it is straight.

Press the center of the tapestry against the ceiling to secure its position.

Additional Suggestions

Here are some additional considerations to make when hanging tapestries on the ceiling:

Ensure that the tapestry is centered within the space. This will help it appear harmonious and balanced.

It may be necessary to use additional Command strips or other hanging hardware to secure a large tapestry.

Instead of Command strips, consider using removable adhesive hooks if you’re worried about damaging your ceiling. These hooks are easily removable and leave no residue behind.

If a ceiling fan or light fixture is in the way, a longer ladder or step stool may be required to reach the ceiling. Always use caution when climbing, and never ascend without assistance.

Tapestries hung from the ceiling are a simple and effective way to add personality to a room. With above tips on how to hang tapestry on ceiling, you can easily turn any room into a cozy and inviting space.



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