5 Tips for Choosing a Feng Shui Painting for Bedroom

Choosing a feng shui painting for bedroom is a smart way to add a personal touch to your bedroom. A feng shui painting can have the same impact on the surrounding room as a large, bold piece of art.

The Placement of a Feng Shui Painting

The placement of a feng shui painting in a bedroom is incredibly important. People often place a large canvas of open fields over their bed without thinking about where they’ll place it. This placement is incredibly harmful because it symbolizes the gathering of natural forces, which interfere with the ability to relax. Instead, experts recommend placing a large painting of a mountain directly in front of the bed. This will promote harmony in the bedroom.

What You Want Your Painting to Symbolize?

Before choosing a feng shui painting, you should first decide on what you want your painting to symbolize. You should make sure the images you choose represent your desires. For example, if you’re looking to attract love, you should choose a portrait of a loving couple.

What Colors are Good for Bedroom?

A blue or green wall is a good color for a bedroom. This color resembles the ocean, and it’s believed to bring peace and harmony. It also represents a harmonious relationship and a long life. Some other feng shui painting ideas for the bedroom include the use of fruit, flowers, and wood. A lychee or plu blossom will also symbolize good luck. Incorporating fruit and flowers into a feng shui painting can help you focus and sleep better. These symbols are considered very beneficial in a bedroom and should not be overlooked. If you’re trying to create an environment where love is a priority, choose a painting that reflects this.

What Painting is Lucky For Bedroom?

The southwest corner of a bedroom is said to bring luck and prosperity. In Chinese Feng Shui, the best position for a picture of water is the north-east part of the main bedroom. Feng Shui fish painting represents good fortune and abundance. A bamboo image implies a long life. If you are interested in improving your relationship, a painting of bamboo is a good choice. It represents a harmonious and successful marriage. A painting of flowers is considered auspicious. It is considered to be very good for love.

The most auspicious painting for a bedroom is a peaceful, soothing, and static image. Choose a painting that conveys peacefulness and harmony. Ideally, a painting with green and teal colors is calming and soothing, since they represent progress and growth. They also help alleviate stress. You can find these colors in nature and plants, which are great for feng shui.

If you are looking for a painting that evokes positive energy, try an abstract painting depicting a pair of french ultramarine-coloured symbolic pots of love. While these paintings are not generally considered Feng shui-friendly, they are considered good for the bedroom. Several paintings can also be very helpful for improving your relationships.

What Paintings should be Avoided?

Oversized pictures of children or oversized, sad, or ominous scenes should be avoided. It’s also best not to display religious symbols or a tiger in a bedroom. Besides, you shouldn’t place a portrait of a cat or a flower in a bedroom where you’re alone.

It is also not advisable to hang paintings that depict dead people. Herbariums and panels containing dried herbs carry a negative energy, and you should not place them in your bedroom. In addition, avoid hanging religious symbols on the walls. A painting of the sun is a symbol of death, and a sunset is a picture of an end of a relationship.

If you’re looking to build new relationships, a picture of lonely people is not recommended. A picture of a sad or lonely person might be too upsetting.

So, what should you look for in a feng shui painting for bedroom?


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