How to Tell If an Oil Painting is Original

Authenticity is a key factor when buying artworks, and knowing how to tell if an oil painting is original will save you from purchasing a fake. If you buy directly from the artist or from an authority that can vouch for its authenticity, you will be able to check whether it is an original or not. If you do not have any idea about authenticity, here are a few tips.

How to tell if a painting is real or fake?

First, look at the edge of the painting. An original usually has a rougher edge than a reproduction, and prints often have a smooth, even line. In addition, an authentic painting will have a worn canvas edge, and the edges will usually be a contrasting color. Another way to tell if a painting is an original is to compare the signature to the style of the painting. If it is too uneven, it could be a giclee reproduction.

Second, check for the signature. The signature should match the painting. Painting reproductions are often signed in a manner that matches the art, so it is best to look for a matching style and color. If there are any differences in these, it should be a red flag. Lastly, check for a reputable artist’s name and contact information. It may be a reputable company that has the correct information to authenticate the work.

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