Best Feng Shui Placement For a Koi Fish Painting

The red koi fish represents true love, while the white koi carries the meaning of progress in the career. Hanging Feng Shui fish paintings in right direction will create harmony in your home, a balance in your family, and prosperity in your career.

Where to place koi fish painting at home?

If you have a Koi fish painting, you may want to put it in the southeast corner of your home. This direction is considered to have good feng shui placement. The colors and the movement of the fish represent the water element, which is considered to attract good luck, money, and creativity. If you'd like to make your painting more effective, you can place it in the north section of your home. The south and southwest directions are also favorable. The southeastern corner of your home is considered the lucky area for displaying a Koi fish painting.

Is it Bad Luck to Have a Koi Fish Facing Down?

Is it bad luck to have a koji fish facing down? Many people ask this question. It is actually very common, but it is still important to know the answer to this question. The answer to this question depends on the context of the situation. It may represent a person lacking strength or courage or a child. Regardless of the reason, the question remains.

One way to avoid this problem is to get a koi fish tattoo that has a fish swimming up your arm. It is also considered lucky to have one swimming down. However, it is considered bad luck to have a fish facing down. That being said, if the koi is swimming downstream, it means that it is traveling in the fall. As a result, a maple leaf koi is a better choice than a cherry blossom koi.

Although it is not considered very lucky to have a koi fish that faces down, it is still considered good luck. It signifies overcoming hardships, which is good in some situations. In addition, the koi fish represents a family's mother. Having a red koi on your arm means you are a strong person. A black tiger koi symbolizes a struggle against adversity.




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