What Kind of Paintings Are Lucky For Home?

Feng Shui teaches us that art is important. Paintings in particular can improve our wealth and well-being. For example, a painting of water is considered lucky in Feng Shui. Water is a symbol of purification and abundance, as well as calmness and renewal. A waterfall painting can help you bring this peace to your home. It can also help you meditate and be mindful. Besides, this painting can enhance your health and prosperity.

However, there are certain rules to keep in mind when placing paintings in your home.

Wild animals should be placed in a room where they will not be obstructed by anything. If you have a waterfall in your home, you should hang it facing the wall, not in the corner. It is also not advisable to place a wild animal painting in your bedroom – it will sway your moods. Similarly, paintings of wild animals should be placed in a room where there is plenty of sunlight.

For instance, a painting of a flower could be lucky, since it is a symbol of life and happiness. On the other hand, a picture of a tree may be a symbol of money, whereas a photograph of a crashing wave is a sign of freedom and growth.

The placement of paintings is important. For example, if you want to hang a painting of a waterfall, you need to place it in front of you, preferably on a wall. This is because it will cause chaos in your home, as you may find it difficult to see it at the back of your home. For other kinds of artwork, choose a positive image that will bring good energy to your home or office. Having a painting of a negative event can create negative energy and should be avoided.

A painting of a Buddha is a good choice. The image of a Buddha is a lucky symbol, but only if you give it as a gift. Other paintings of positive events are more auspicious. These paintings will attract positive energy to your home. A feng shui painting should depict the image of an image of a tree or a flower, if possible.

Depending on the type of painting, it will be more auspicious for you. A painting of a tree, for instance, is considered to be lucky in the Chinese horoscope. A tree with a leaf on it represents wealth and prosperity. A picture of a flower can be considered auspicious. A stone representing the sun, in contrast, is auspicious. It can also be used in a house.

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