How High to Hang Art Above Console Table

If you want to hang art above your console table, the height of the piece should be around 58-62 inches above the table. The height of the ceiling is a factor, too, so the exact amount of space will depend on the size of the piece. In general, however, the gap should be four to eight inches. To accommodate for these differences, you can choose a large piece of artwork and place it off center, thereby filling the entire space.

For a narrow console table, a single large piece of art should not exceed two-thirds of its width. If you are using a two-panel or three-panel painting, you can hang the piece to the table's edges. If you are hanging a collage of smaller pieces of artwork, a photo collage, or some other large, low-profile art above the console table, then you should be able to leave at least six inches of space below the piece.

The height of a piece of art should be between four to six inches above the surface of the console table. In addition to this, you should consider the width of the piece of artwork. For a console table, you should hang one large piece that measures about two-thirds of its width, and you should hang the other half to three-quarters of its width. For example, if you're hanging a three-panel piece of art, you should hang it approximately seventy-five percent of the width of the couch or bed.

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