8 Horses Painting Meaning and Benefits

An 8 horses painting is one of the most auspicious paintings in Chinese culture. This type of painting has its own name, ba jun tu, which loosely translates to “eight steeds picture.” It is considered alongside the other types of prosperity paintings. Even a single horse represents great symbolism. Here is a look at what makes an 8 horses painting special. This art work has a variety of different meanings.

In Chinese culture, the number 7 is considered auspicious in many ways. It is a part of numerological calculations for luck and positivity. Seven horses symbolize strength, speed, endurance, and courage. In Hinduism, the number seven represents seven lives. As a result, an eight-horse painting is considered good luck. A horse painting of the eight equine types is recommended in a career or fame field. Horse paintings are perfect for office. In business, a painting of eight galloping horses is a powerful business and career development tool.

In Western cultures, an 8-horse painting is symbolic of speed and progress. Hanging a painting of seven running horses on a south wall will speed up a task and provide financial stability. A galloping horse can be placed in a living room, study, or business premises. It will bring fame and ultimate success. Another common placement for an eight-horse painting is on an elevated surface in the workplace.

Keeping an 8-horse painting in an office will bring success and financial stability. In addition to bringing fame, an eight-horse painting can bring money and success. A 7-horse painting will also enhance one's career. It is considered a good symbol. You can hang an 8-horse painting in any room. You can even hang it on an elevated surface in a work place.

In conclusion, a single horse painting is considered inauspicious. It will prevent wealth from entering your home. However, a seven-horse painting is good for your business and should be placed in the south of your home. The south of the house will bring you wealth and success in your career. But a horse painting can also bring you separations. It can cause you to lose money. If you're not sure what to do with a horse painting, you can consult a professional to help you choose one that suits your home and your family's needs.

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