How to Hang a Large Canvas

The first step in hanging a large canvas is to make sure that it is level. To check whether the canvas is level, use a bubble level and a sawtooth hanger. Place the hanging device on top of the back stretcher bar. You can then nail the holder to the wall. Now you're ready to hang the large canvas. To make sure that the canvas is straight, use a pencil to mark the midpoint and edges of the picture.

Measure the height of the wall where you'll be hanging the large canvas. You'll need 57 inches or more, depending on where you're hanging it. If you're hanging the large canvas over furniture, keep the height to about six to twelve inches higher than the furniture. This is the standard height for art galleries, so you'll have to adjust accordingly. However, if you're properly equipped, the result will be a beautiful canvas.

Once you've determined the height of the wall, it's time to install the mounting hardware. Most adhesive hanging strips come with velcro and are designed to not damage walls. The weight limit is typically four to 16 pounds, and you'll need four strips per corner to hang a canvas that is more than 16 inches in width. Then, you'll need to use a pair of eye hooks on either side of the canvas.


You can hang the large canvas using nails or eye hooks. To hang a canvas with nails, place them about a third of the way from the top of the canvas. Make sure to put eye hooks on opposite sides of the frame, and use a wire between them. Be sure to tie the end of the wire in the back. You can also hang your canvas with wall hooks or nail. The key is to know how to hang a large piece of art correctly and safely.

The next step in hanging a large canvas is to measure the length of the wall. Then, you should mark the middle of the wall with a pencil. Then, you should mark the midpoint on the tape with a nail. Afterwards, you should use a sawtooth bracket. If the canvas is wide, you should place a sawtooth bracket on the wall. If it is tall, you should use a wire instead.

When hanging a canvas, make sure it is at eye level. If the space around the canvas is small, it will be difficult to see the work. In this case, it is best to use a wooden frame that will be at eye level. This way, you can display your painting and keep your wall clean. It is recommended to use two or three nails for the first two. A single nail can hold a large-sized canvas.

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