Why You Need Ocean Paintings in Your Home?

In our current lifestyle, stress has become a constant companion. Whatever we do, trying to build our career, balance work and family life- everything brings with it new things to stress about everyday. Even family life is not without complications. Moreover, whatever we do for relaxation also sometimes manages to stress us, such as spending too much time with electronic devices which actually tire our eyes, and the more audio-visual cues we consume they keep our brains occupied and never fully relaxes us. Therefore we need to find relaxation and recreation that will actually give us the fuel for diving into the stress of everyday life once again. That is why everyone needs to have ocean paintings in their homes. Here are some reasons:

The Vibration of Colours

Each colour has a unique frequency vibration of its own, because of the light energy of the universe moving in different frequencies. Therefore, each colour when perceived by the brain actually radiates different energies. Blue is such a colour that helps in calming and soothing the mind. Even psychological studies prove the physically and emotionally calming effects of the colour blue. The Global Health Centre actually recommends surrounding oneself with the colour blue as a way to reduce stress. Therefore having a painting of an ocean will prompt you to stare at the colour blue, instead of having just a blue wall or curtain. Gazing at the painting, you will find yourself naturally much calmer and relaxed than before.

The Effect of the Ocean

Whenever we imagine the beach, the picture that comes up in our minds is one of complete relaxation, unwinding. The feel of the sand beneath our feet, smelling the ocean mist, the salt water but most of all looking at the waves crashing relentlessly creates this feeling. Water is always soothing to the mind. Psychologists believe that staring at the ocean actually changes our brain’s frequency, even has the ability to put one in a meditative state if one stares long enough. Therefore, after a stressful day at work taking out just a little bit of time to stare at an ocean painting and trying to collect your thoughts or focus on your breathing will actually help you just like meditation.

The Effect of Paintings

Nowadays, we are always engaged in receiving constant external stimuli. As the whole world is turning more and more digital, from work updates to connecting with people to relaxation everything is connected to digital screens. Staring at a painting that is on paper and on a large canvas can actually create a different sensation than having to stare at smaller digital screens. And that feeling of shutting down informations from the outside world and just staring at a painting will help your mind reorient. Waves are easy for the brain to process, and as you would imagine the ocean your mind would automatically become more focused, removing mild anxieties and lowering stress levels.

Therefore, even if you can’t go to a vacation on a beach for stress-relief, get a painting of the ocean in your home immediately, because just staring at a ocean painting everyday can give you a similar result by profoundly calming your mind, lowering stress and inspiring creativity and positive energy.

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