Attract Luck with Waterfall Paintings in the Living Room

Do you believe in luck? Probably yes! That is why your search results directed you here. While designing and decorating a new home, most of the people get confused about what to buy and what to avoid. One such decision is related to wall paintings.

Wide range of people prefer to follow Feng Shui guidelines for buying the best décor elements for their home. After all, it must create a positive aura in the premises. Paintings trigger the energies, and they can be positive and negative depending upon your selection of paintings. Hence, while making a selection for the best paintings for your living area, it is always good to follow the expert guidelines.

If we look at the Feng Shui guidelines, waterfall paintings are one of the best choices for the living room wall. It is believed that water represents wealth and leads the movement of yang energy in the premises. Many homeowners even prefer to install an artificial waterfall in their living room that can attract more wealth to their life. However, if you cannot install such an element in the limited space available at your home; we advise you to go ahead with waterfall paintings. They can also attract wealth luck to your living space.

Although the market is loaded with a variety of waterfall paintings from different famous artists. One needs to be careful while making a selection for the best one. Make sure it is actually a waterfall painting; means the central focus of the painting must be water falling from the peaks of a mountain. Many people make the wrong selection just by picking paintings in which waterfall is just a small part with the most focus to the trees, sky, and the mountains.

The Placement of Waterfall Paintings

The placement of a waterfall painting is important to feng shui. It must be placed on the north wall of the living room, as this is the location of the water elemental base. The north wall of your house is also an excellent place for a waterfall painting. Alternatively, it can be placed on the east or southeast wall. In either case, it is important to be sure that the waterfall painting has the right orientation.

Most preferably, the waterfall painting must be installed in the living room. Experts do not advise to install it in the bedroom; especially if your water is an unfavorable element for your character. You can even prefer to hang them in the kitchen and the outer areas of the home. Some people even prefer to buy waterfall paintings for their office areas. Well, it is a unique addition to the employee work area and the main office. It spreads strong energy in the area and appears an ideal choice for every home.

Prefer to go online and look for the most stunning waterfall image collections. It is good to compare the available designs and choose the one that makes a perfect combination with your home décor. At the same time, it must have a stronger connection with the visual appeal as well. You can take help from experts to choose the best waterfall painting for your home. These paintings are currently available in a variety of size ranges; prefer to measure the available area in your house and then choose the most suitable painting for it. The streams and rivers are also lucky for the house. Prefer to be careful about their placement on the premises so that they can lead a positive impact.

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