7 Horses Painting Meaning and Benefits

The seven horses painting has several benefits related to Vastu shastra. Its symmetry and depiction of galloping horses is considered lucky in Hindu artwork. The image of Lord Surya on a chariot drawn by seven running horse is associated with divine powers and positive energy. Moreover, seven horses represent eight things – wealth, children, success, career, education, and happiness. These benefits are associated with prosperity, wealth, and a good life.

Is 7 Horse Painting Good For Home?

The seven horses painting in the house represents speed and independence. You should know 7 Running Horses Painting Vastu Direction before placing the artwork on the wall. It is advised to hang seven running horses on the east wall to bring increased speed and freedom. Also, hanging a painting of seven charging horses on the south wall of your house will help you improve your artistic nature. Moreover, this auspicious painting on the east wall will ensure prosperity. In Vastu, the horse paintings on the west wall are considered to be beneficial for your success and artistic nature.

The Number Seven Meaning

The number seven has several other symbolic meanings. It is associated with wealth, happiness, and prosperity. It is an auspicious number in many religions. In the numerology world, the number seven symbolizes prosperity, positivity, and luck. The seven horses in the house are regarded as a good auspicious number. It also represents the seven colours of the rainbow and the seven lives of a Hindu. Nevertheless, the painting must be carefully selected.

Besides the symbolic meaning, the seven horses painting has a practical value as it can bring wealth and prosperity. However, one should keep in mind that there are some rules that you should follow when choosing the right place for a seven horses painting. If it is not made from a strong material, it will be inauspicious, and will prevent wealth from entering your home. The painting should also be large enough to allow the entire horse to be seen and is free from any rope.

Choosing the right place for a 7 horse painting is a good idea. The seven horses are considered to be auspicious, and they can bring stability and financial prosperity to your home. Its placement is also important. In Hinduism, the seven horses are a symbol of power and wealth. In Vastu, they are associated with the number 7 in the rainbow. The seven sages, as well as Lord Surya, are often portrayed riding a chariot on seven majestic horse.

In a word, A seven-horse painting can bring prosperity to your home. Moreover, the seven-horse painting can also bring good luck. For example, it can be placed in your office for early promotions, while placing it in your home for financial stability and financial security can bring good luck. The horse's presence is considered auspicious, and it symbolizes courage and endurance. While the seven-horse painting can be displayed in different locations, the best location for a 7 horses painting is the north.

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