How to Buy Old Paintings?

When you’re deciding whether to buy a painting, you need to understand how much it’s worth. Some people value old art more than others, but you should only buy a painting that you enjoy and are willing to keep. This way, you won’t have to spend a fortune on a piece you might not even enjoy. Here’s how to buy an old painting: First, learn about its history. If it was painted by a famous artist, it’s worth more than an average one.

Identify the artist. Paintings by lesser-known artists are sometimes worth a lot to the right buyer. When identifying the artist, you should consider its quality and condition. Generally, a painting made of oils has higher value than a painting made of paper. If you’re not familiar with the artist, you can research their history and see if they are selling paintings by that artist. However, you should always look for a signed certificate, which will confirm the authenticity of an old painting.

An authentic painting can be hard to determine without a signature. Using the painter’s name and date to determine the artist can help. If the signature is not available, examine the painting to make sure that it was actually painted. Another way to determine if a painting is genuine is to feel its surface. Modern forgeries and prints tend to have smooth surfaces, and you should be wary of anything that looks “modern”.

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