How High to Hang a Picture with 12 foot Ceilings

The first thing to know is how high you can hang your picture. It’s best to have the middle of the frame positioned at eye level or at least six to eight inches above the bottom ledge of the accent. The height of the frame’s outer edge should be measured from top to bottom. Next, divide that measurement by two to find the exact height of the wall mount hardware. Once you know the exact height, the rest is simple.

To determine how high to hang a picture with twelve foot ceilings, start by calculating the height of the art. A picture that is 15 inches tall is 7.5 inches tall. Then, measure the middle point of the piece, which should be about 57 inches from the floor. The height of the nail, therefore, should be the same. Then, subtract the height of the baseboard and the height of the ceiling.

If you don’t have a ceiling rail, you can still hang your art using nails. Standard nail-hanging nails are available on Amazon. 3M Command Sawtooth Picture Hangers can also be used. When hanging art, make sure to follow the instructions for installation. Before you start hanging, use a level to ensure that everything is level. Using the correct level will ensure the painting is hanging at the correct height.

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