How High to Hang Pictures in Hallways

The first question you should ask yourself when hanging a picture is how high? The height of the art frame should be about 57 inches from the floor. Measure the distance from the floor to the top ledge of the frame. Then, divide the measurement by two to find the appropriate number of inches. Use that measurement to mark the exact spot where you will hang the picture. Now, you’ll know how high to hang the picture.

The ideal height for a picture in an entryway or hallway is 57 inches. However, the height can vary according to your preferences. If the space is small, you can place the picture at a slightly higher level. You can even choose to hang the picture at an angle. The height of a painting depends on how far it can be hung from the floor. Besides, a taller person will have an easier time viewing the painting.

There are no specific rules on how high to hang a picture in an entryway or hallway. The only rule is that the height should be suitable for the activities that take place in this space. You should hang a picture in a height where it can be easily seen. This height is ideal for both children and adults. This method is not only practical but also attractive, as it can enhance your entrance way decor. A large picture on a hallway can give your entrance a more elegant appearance.

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