How to Make Wall Decals Stick to Textured Walls

You’ve tried sticking vinyl decals on textured walls, but you’ve had trouble getting them to stick. You may try using a hair dryer or heating stickers to help them adhere. Those methods don’t work very well, but they’ll get them to stick. It’s important to apply the adhesive to a clean surface before applying the wall decals, and keep in mind that they’re not a substitute for painting or wallpapering.

Another tip for getting wall decals to stick is to apply heat under the sticker first. Adding heat to the sticker’s adhesive will help it stick better. It’s also important to use the right kind of glue. For example, paper wall decals are made of repositionable glue, which is great for changing the look of your walls. However, if you decide to remove the sticker, you should remember that you may have problems with it.

A thick layer of glue is the most effective way to make a wall decal stick. You’ll have a much easier time removing them later if they don’t stick as well. The best kind of adhesive is one that allows you to reposition them as needed. Glue can be applied using a glue stick or a glue pen. Ensure that the wall sticker is applied correctly so it won’t come off on its own.

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