How to Melt Crayons on Paper

This simple technique melts crayons on paper and seals the crayons' shreds in place. This is a safer method than using wax or heating the wax with an iron. Also, parchment paper can be used as a baking sheet up to 400 degrees and is more forgiving than wax. After you have completed your project, you can cut the art with scissors. It is fun to see the finished product and you'll feel accomplished knowing you created it all yourself.

If you have kids, try melting crayons on plastic or paper to save space. These crayons are best melted on paper as they will be able to melt in the microwave. Use a sharp knife or hammer to cut the crayons into smaller pieces. This will make them melt faster and less likely to create lumps. To melt crayons on paper, you will need a mold, which you can buy or make at home. You can find many molds that work great for this purpose.

To begin, prepare a microwave-safe container. It will keep the crayons from sticking to the paper. You can use an old glass jar or silicone mug. You can also buy ice-cube molds, which are perfect for melting crayons. They come in many different shapes and will melt in the microwave. Once you've melted them, you can use them to make a collage!

How to Melt Crayons on Paper With a Blow Dryer

To get a great melting effect, start by laying out your canvas or paper. Cover it with wax paper to prevent any dripping of the crayon wax. If you don't have wax paper, heat your canvas with a hair dryer or iron on a high-heat setting. Make sure to keep the surface of the canvas or paper dry, and don't touch it until the process is complete.

Before you start melting the crayons, you'll need to prepare your paper and your blow dryer. You'll need to set the blow dryer at the lowest setting so that the wax drips. Be sure to position the blow dryer in a downward position on the center of each crayon. The hot air will cause the tips of the crayons to melt and drip wax, so make sure to place the crayons on the newspaper in the same way. Once you're done, it's time to remove the crayons.

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