Rules For Hanging Pictures Above Bed

There are some general Rules For Hanging Pictures Above Bed, but not all of them are applicable to every piece of artwork. The first rule is that you must leave a space of about five to nine inches above the top of the frame. The space can be used for chests of drawers, sofas, and consoles, but it should be hung at least eight to ten inches above the top of the headboard. Any higher, and it will seem disjointed and out of place.

The next rule is to make sure that the pieces of art are hung at eye level. The best place to hang a picture above the bed is directly opposite the bed. You can hang large scale pieces of art that have calm colors or landscapes. For photography, it’s best to hang photos desaturated or in black and white. If you have several pieces of art, keep their spacing to four inches. Otherwise, the frames will appear crowded and the imperfections will show.

The height of each piece should be 60 to 63 inches above the floor. If the ceiling is too low, adjust the height of the piece. If you’re using a light sconce with a glass cover, it’s best to hang them somewhere else. However, you shouldn’t make sure that the tops of the frames match. This will create harsh lines and make the entire room appear out of balance.

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