Roybal Paintings – Are They Worth Anything?

A J. Roybal painting may be worth a lot of money. If it is a vintage piece, it will be in excellent condition. Look for the artist’s signature and any notes from the gallery on the back of the piece. Otherwise, a reproduction might not be worth much. You can try to buy a replica for EUR80. It is framed and is in great condition. I have two examples.

A famous Joyce Roybal painting has sold for $600 USD. The artist was born in Italy, and her style is influenced by Italian modernist Graciela Boulanger. The colors in her works are cheerful and her shapes are geometric, with a somewhat abstract feel. The five children in Musical Enchantment, for instance, seem to be playing instruments. Some of Roybal’s works have been made into illustrations, prints, and note cards. This makes them readily available to collectors at affordable prices.

There are several factors that make Roybal art collectible. First, it is worth knowing who the artist was. If you don’t know the artist’s real name, there is a risk of buying reproductions. Many oil painting wholesalers have reproduced his art since the 1970s. This is especially true for the originals because they offer money-back guarantees, and there is no MOQ limit on these reproductions.

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