How to Install Wall Mural

You may be wondering how to install a wall mural. The process is easy and quick, but there are some things you should keep in mind. For example, you can't use a blunt blade to cut the mural. If you do, you'll risk tearing it. A sharp blade will cut the wallpaper, but it will tear the border. Make sure to use a straight edge and a blade. Start by cutting the wall overage from the first panel, then proceed to the next panel. This will prevent you from damaging the surrounding wall.

You should also make sure the wall is clean. Remove the plastic backing of the mural, starting from the top so that you won't pinch the edges or cause air bubbles. Once you have removed the backing, gently press the mural onto the wall. Check the mural to make sure it's straight and level before gluing it down. If it isn't, you need to remove the excess mural and start over again.

First, you must remove the mural's plastic backing. You should start at the top, because the bottom is the easiest part of the mural to paste. Always start at the top, because the bottom has the least overlap. After removing the plastic backing, gently press the mural onto the wall. Don't rush through this step. Let the mural absorb the water, and be patient and methodical. If it feels too dry, remove it.


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