How to Hang Decorations on Stucco

One way to hang decor on stucco is to use a hot glue gun. Load the glue stick and plug the device into an outlet. Mark the area where you want to hang the decoration, and then press the nozzle onto the mark. Once set, pull the trigger and the object will be securely attached. If you plan to mount a picture, you can use a masonry bit to drill holes. Fill each hole with silicone caulk to prevent it from coming out.

Some decorative items have two hangers on the back. If you have one central hanger, you may want to use an extension cord to reach the area where you want to attach the ornament. Before applying the glue, hold the ornament against the wall and mark where the hangers should be placed. Make sure that you leave enough space between the two hangers. After the glue has dried, remove the ornament from the wall.

Before hanging a piece of wall art on your stucco wall, make sure you follow the instructions provided on the packaging. Sometimes, wall art has two hangers at the back. If so, hold it against the wall and make sure to mark the height of the ornament and the space between the two. If you're hanging wired art, use adhesive hooks instead of screws. When adjusting the placement of the hangers, make sure to hold it for 30 seconds.

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